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Step off the busy, noisy and hectic Manhattan streets into your own little sanctuary of heavenly bliss. Metamorphosis Day Spa in New York City, celestially inspired for those who seek beauty and relaxation, located in the heart of Manhattan. Renowned for its intimate, unpretentious and outstanding professional service. The spa has been praised by some of the most well-known beauty and fitness magazines around the world. Known locally for its impressive array of quality facials and massages. Metamorphosis Day Spa’s approach to beauty is subtle yet strong. Allow yourself to succumb to tranquility and allow yourself the health and beauty as well as comfort you deserve from our knowledgeable staff.

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After many years of research and proven medical studies a revolutionary LPG Endermologie machine was invented to reduce the appearance of cellulite. This FDA approved LPG Endemologie machine, endorsed by plastic surgeons and dermatologists has been producing amazing results that even liposuction could not achieve. Now a days Endermologie is being used before and after [...]
Indulge yourself in this nourishing and hydrating milk and honey enriched total body wrap. This wrap helps seal in your natural moisture and plump your skin leaving it fresh and younger looking. Includes Exfoliation "Playing Footsie" Foot Massage "Head Trip" Scalp Massage Make an Appointment Duration: 55-minutes Price: $150 Book Now
A soothing and creamy brown raw sugar mixture that gently and yet thoroughly sloughs off dead skin cells from your body. Better than salt for sensitive skin. Duration: 25-minutes Price: $65 Book Now
All Bare Bikini Wax Price: $70 Book Now powered by BirdEye
GM Collin C Sea Spa Facial is a anti-aging skin care designed to delay the visible signs of aging and to rejuvenate the skin. Made with marine and vegetal active ingredients (Vitamin c Concentrate, Algae Biomatrix Patches and Termal Organic Mud). This treatment is exceptional for both pre and post sun exposure. Ideal for people [...]
This Lifting and Firming treatment tightens the elastic fibers to restore elasticity, tone and texture. Duration: 55-minutes Price: $210 Book Now powered by BirdEye
Hydra Floral is suitable for all skin types, offering protection from external elements such as pollution and free radicals, for smoother, plumper and radiant skin. Duration: 55-minutes Price: $175 Book Now powered by BirdEye
Green Peel Facial Treatments (Light) Fresh Up Facial- $300 (Medium) Energy Facial- $300 (Strong) Classic- 2 Spa Treatments with home products $475 Book Now powered by BirdEye
A treatment especially developed for clients with rosacea and sensitive skin conditions. This treatment is designed to soothe redness and irritation, using specialized gentle cleansing, cooling and hydration techniques. Our skin care products for home use are recommended to help neutralize and reduce redness on a continuous basis. Duration: 55-minutes Price: $150 Book Now powered [...]
Treat your back to the same indulgent skin care that leaves your face aglow. Deep skin cleansing and exfoliation whisks impurities and eases tension to a through one hour back facial that softens, smooths, removes all blackheads, and make you feel like showing off your assets. A final application of quenching moisturizers will leave your [...]
Our Vitamin C facial is designed to reverse the natural signs of aging. Rich in antioxidants including Vitamin C, our facial will leave your skin looking radiant as if you turn back the hands of time! Used For   Reduces skin pigmentation Restores elasticity and firmness Prevents skin damage caused by exposure to sun, smog, [...]
Enjoy a transformative golden glow facial experience using one of the most mineral-rich and easily absorbed substances – pure gold. Gold has been used for centuries as a beautifying agent and rejuvenating treatment and is now incorporated in one of our most luxurious therapy ever. The gold extract will impart luster and reawaken the skin’s [...]
Treat yourself to an award winning Eminence organic facial using Eminence organic skin care products that delivers beautiful results by using organic products with juicy pulp, seeds nad herbs. Feel good about feeding your skin with all maternal products without harsh chemicals or parabens. Eminence organic skin care products addresses a variety of skin concerns [...]
This is the "classic" of the GREEN PEEL peeling treatments. After evaluating the skin, the Herbal Peeling mixture is gently massaged into the pores. This activates the peeling process. The full effect takes two to five days. To conclude the classic peeling treatment, the esthetician performs a beauty finishing treatment and nourishes the now particularly [...]
ReFirme – today’s most advanced system for safe and effective skin tightening – without surgery or downtime. This treatment takes only 25 minutes and you see real visible results. Low-level current can help tighten the appearance of facial skin. This treatment uses elos technology that enables you to comfortably achieve a more youthful, tightened and [...]
Indulge yourself with our very own customized Metamorphosis Signature Massage, a combination of Swedish, Aromatherapy, and Hot Stones all incorporated to give you the ultimate relaxation. This 50 minute massages also includes a foot and scalp massage, all to ease any tension in your body, while reducing muscular pain, and improving your body circulation. Book [...]
Hot Stone Massage is a style of massage therapy in which water-treated stones are placed at specific sites on the client’s body to promote relaxation and to help open up the meridians (energy pathways). Using heated stones applied to the body in various ways, this unique massage provides deep dimensions of relaxation and well being. [...]
A customized aromatherapy massage that assimilates the best of Swedish massage with natural essential oils to address your individual needs and respectively energize, calm, detoxify or de-stress you. Choose one of the following blends: Additional service included   Stimulating gives a sense of energy and well being, it contains rosemary, thyme, cypress, and geranium Relaxing [...]
Kick back and escape with a friend or loved one with our Couples Massage. Two people can enjoy their massage experience together, side by side in our couple's room. A perfect way to enjoy some quality time together. This room is ideally suited for special occasions, such as Anniversaries, Birthdays, and Valentine’s Day. 50-minutes / [...]
This deep tissue massage technique uses slower, more-forceful strokes to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, commonly to help with muscle damage from injuries. Deep Tissue Benefits:   Reduces Chronic Pain Rehabilitates Injured Muscles Breaks Up Scar Tissue Increased blood flow to muscle tissue Improved posture and flexibility 25-minute, $70 Make an [...]
Swedish massage therapy is the modality that comes to mind when most people think about massage. As the best-known type of bodywork performed today, one of the primary goals of the Swedish massage technique is to relax the entire body. This is accomplished by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of [...]
This 2 hour treatment includes: Clean as a Whistle Facial or a European Facial with a FREE eye look better treatment, “head trip scalp massage”, and 50-minute Swedish massage with a free upgrade to aromatherapy. Duration: 2-hours Price: $199 Book Now powered by BirdEye
The Mother Daughter Spa Package is great for mothers, daughters, and other family members and friend. Each person gets to spend time in their own serene and relaxed environment. Spa package includes   European Facial Eye Treatment “Head Trip” Scalp Massage 50-minute Swedish massage Make an Appointment Duration: 2-hours Price: $420 Book Now powered by [...]
Awaken the youth inside you by rejuvenating your skin with our latest package. Spa package includes:   Renew Facial which includes an enzyme peel to lift off dead skin cells, extraction, special aromatherapy pressure point massage to soften lines and wrinkles and two customized masks that refresh, and reawaken your skin. 50 Minute Swedish Massage [...]
Release deep-seated tension with these soothing, iron man spa treatments Spa package includes:   25-minute deep-tissue massage Grooming facial “Playing Footsie” foot massage Hand treatment “Head Trip” scalp massage Make an Appointment Duration: 2-hours Price: $199 Book Now powered by BirdEye
Anti-Aging Facial Package Includes: Stem cell facial Eye and Lip Treatment Paraffin Hand Treatment Foot therapy with Paraffin Treatment Free Therapy Cream (Stem Cell Therapy) Duration: 90-minutes Price: $299 Book Now powered by BirdEye
Body Spa Package Look great, feel great. Spa package includes “Cleopatra’s Confection” milk and honey body wrap “Head Trip” scalp massage 50-minute Swedish massage “Playing Footsie” foot massage Make an Appointment Duration: 2-hours Price: $250 book Now powered by BirdEye
Package Indulge yourself in this package that will leave you in total relaxation spa package. You deserve it! Spa package includes   “Fleurtatious” Facial “Searenity” Body Wrap “Oil Be Good” Aromatherapy Massage “Head Trip” Scalp Massage "Playing Footsie" Foot Massage Make an Appointment Duration: 3-hours Price: $450 Book Now powered by BirdEye
Metrosexual Male Makeover Spa Package Package includes Mini-Facial 50-minute Hot Stone Massage “Head Trip” Scalp Massage Paraffin Hand Treatment Free Grooming Goody Bag Make an Appointment Duration: 2-hours Price: $225 Book Now powered by BirdEye
The Relax for Two Package is the perfect way to indulge with a loved one. Spa package includes   55 Minute Organic Facials 50 Minute Aromatherapy Massages “Eye Treatments" “Head Trip” Scalp Massage Book The Package Duration: 2-hour Price: $599 Book Now powered by BirdEye
The Metamorphosis Pampering Package is the ultimate getaway for a day of rejuvenation and tranquility. Spa package includes   50-Minute Metamorphosis Signature Massage European Facial 10-Minute "Head Trip" Scalp Massage 20 Minute “Playing Footsie” Foot massage Duration: 2.5-hours Price: $290 Book Now powered by BirdEye
Look great, feel better... from head-to-toe! Spa package includes:   European facial “Sweet Escape” body scrub “Head Trip” scalp massage 50-minute Swedish massage “Playing Footsie” foot massage Make an Appointment Duration: 3-hours Price: $305 Book Now powered by BirdEye
What better way to prepare for your birthday festivities or treat a friend to a special birthday spa day then with our amazing Happy Birthday spa package. Package includes:   European facial 25-minute Swedish massage “Cocoon” body wrap “Head Trip” Scalp Massage “Playing Footsie” foot massage Make an Appointment Duration: 2.5-hours Price: $299 Book Now [...]
Enjoy the day with your loved one and relax while you’re at it. The couple that relaxes together stays together. Spa package includes   50-minute Couples Swedish Massage European Facial for Her Grooming Facial for Him “Playing Footsie” Foot Massage “Head Trip” Scalp Massage Make an Appointment Duration: 2.5-hours Price: $480 Book Now powered by [...]
The Metamorphosis Sampler Spa Package is a perfect way to make an introduction to some sessions that we offer. Whether you're on a budget, pressed for time or at the last minute the sampler package is the ideal package for you. Spa package includes   25-minute Swedish Mini Facial “Playing Footsie” Foot Massage “Head Trip” [...]
Back And Shoulders Wax Price: $75 book Now powered by BirdEye
Back Wax #book-now-app-container select span{ display:none !important; } Price: $65 Book Now powered by BirdEye
Bikini Wax Price: $30 Book Now powered by BirdEye
Brazilian Bikini Wax Price: $65 Book Now powered by BirdEye
Buttocks Wax Price: $50 Book Now powered by BirdEye
Cheek Waxing Price: $30 Book Now powered by BirdEye
Chest and Stomach Wax Duration: 45-minutes Price: $75 Book Now powered by BirdEye
Full Leg And Bikini Wax Book Now Price: $95 powered by BirdEye
Half Leg Wax Price: $45 Book Now
Half Arms Wax Price: $35 Book Now powered by BirdEye
Full Leg Wax Price: $85 Book Now powered by BirdEye
Eyebrow Wax Prices: $30 Book Now powered by BirdEye
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